Great Architectural photography is not easy – the skill is developed over time. Mechanical and technical skill is of course very important but this is only part of the equation. A great architectural photograph is also dependent upon the “eye” of the photographer. It’s an intrinsic understanding of proper camera placement, both natural and added light affecting the scene, preparation of the subject to reveal it’s best attributes, and perfect processing in post. This process yields a photograph that sells.

John uses the most up to date Sony photographic equipment and the latest portable lighting techniques in every shot. Every photo that comes out of the camera is accepted or rejected in post shoot production and each photo that makes the grade is painstakingly processed to perfection. Subject, composition, light, and focus in the final product must be as perfect a rendition of the qualities of the subject as possible. John’s long experience as a successful luxury real estate broker helps direct this process. He knows what buyer’s are looking for!