John Nilsson – Oz Images LA


From early in John’s 45 year career as a luxury real estate broker the camera has been an integral part of his marketing tool kit. From the beginning, the quality, composition and lighting style that first attracted photo commissions from fellow brokers in his own office spread to a thriving business photographing the listing inventories of many other luxury brokers in his market area. 

To date, John has shot literally scores of luxury properties in Los Angeles and the Colorado Rockies. In addition, commissioned shoots for local Architects and Designers throughout the Mountain West and Los Angeles have rounded out a wonderful portfolio demonstrating his skill in the art of Architectural Photography.

The advent of the Internet has forever changed the way real estate is marketed. In fact, recent statistics tell us that fully 90% of prospects for luxury real estate start their search online. This factor makes premium photographic and video representation of your real estate the single most important part of a real estate presentation package. 

John is looking forward to being your source for this all-important product!